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Voting helps the server out by getting us views on the voting sites. It also earns you prizes! Type /vote in-game for the voting link.

Voting Rewards

Every vote gives you a vote point. Use these points by typing /vote shop in-game to receive the following rewards. The crate keys can be used at /warp crates by right clicking the respective crate with the key.

Food Crate Key

  • Required Points: 1

Tools Crate Key

  • Required Points: 4

Ores Crate Key

  • Required Points: 4

Enchants Crate Key

  • Required Points: 5

Armoury Crate Key

  • Required Points: 5

Eggs Crate Key

  • Required Points: 6

Melon x12

  • Required Points: 6


Bloss Blade Milestone

  • Required Votes: 35
  • Repeats: Yes
  • Items: Bloss Blade (Diamond Sword, smite V, sharp V)
  • Money: $100

Voter Sword Milestone

  • Required Votes: 75
  • Repeats: No
  • Items: 75 Votes (Diamond Sword, sharp V, fire aspect II, fortune III, unbreaking III)
  • Money: $75

Hundred Vote Milestone

  • Required Votes: 100
  • Repeats: No
  • Items: Voter Cake (Cake, sharp V, loot III)
  • Money: $100


  • Required Votes: 250
  • Repeats: No
  • Items: Xbow (bow, infinity I, unbreaking X, flame I, power V)
  • Money: $500