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Minecraft Left2Die uses Coins as its currency. You can use money to buy items in the market or for using warp commands.

Making Money

Making money is relatively easy. There are several ways to do so.

  • Killing zombies (for players with less than 10k).
  • Killing players in PvP.
  • Creating an auction.
  • Selling to the shop.
  • Voting

Money Management

Command Description
/money View how much money you have.
/money pay <name> <amount> Pay an amount of money to another player.


Every Sunday at the midnight restart (EST), taxes are collected using the below rates. Taxes are used to keep the server account funded to pay out players for killing zombies, selling items at the shop, and other server-to-player payments.

Player Balance Taxes per Week
0-10K 0%
10k-100k 1%
100k-1M 5%
> 1M 10%