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L2D has several chat channels to help keep chat organized. ChatMod are our chat moderators. If they tell you not to do something, listen to them. They can mute with or without warning. As such, players should read and follow the rules to avoid being muted.


Please keep chat in the relevant channels. Mistakes happen where players accidentally use the wrong channel and we're fine with that, but stop misusing a channel when asked or you may be hit with a mute.

Channel Description Join Command Talk Command
local Use this if you can see the person you are talking to. /ch l /ch l <msg>
/l <msg>
global Intended for general talk amongst all players. Don't use this if you are talking to a particular person whom you can see. /ch g /ch g <msg>
/g <msg>
mature Off topic chat where PG-13 material is allowed. The regular rules still apply here. /ch ma /ch ma <msg>
/ma <msg>
infected The channel for donators. /ch i /ch i <msg>
/i <msg>

Other Commands

Command Description
/chlist Lists all of the above channels.
/chlookup Displays first and last login times, and which channels you are listening to.
/lev <channel> Leaves a channel so you no longer see messages in that channel.
/tell <player> <msg> Send a player a private message.
/chignore <player> Ignore tells from a player.