First Release: March 7, 2015

Second Release: May 22, 2019
Retirement First Retirement: January 6, 2018
Size 424x171
Gamemode Non-PvP

The Titanic map was created from an online schematic of the Titanic. The original link to the schematic was lost, so the original creator's name is currently unknown. The map has returned to /themed! Since it's retirement in January 2018, players have missed it dearly and have begged for it back.

The schematic was only the ship itself. The backdrop, ocean, and sea floor were all created separately by zenith4183 while the iceberg was created by TheDeathBadger. BlueCharm setup most of the loot chests.


  • The Frozen Jellyfish unique was the result of zenith thinking the iceberg looked like a jellyfish as it was being built.
  • Most of the other uniques were named to fit with the Titanic theme. For instance, the unique 2:20am was the time that the Titanic sunk.
  • The sign at the front of the ship is in reference to the scene from the movie Titanic. An image was staged with LaserLasagna at this point of the ship.
    Titanic scene.png