Server Rules

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Despite what some may think, there is nothing distinguishing which of these rules is bannable and which are only mutable. All of these rules are bannable at staff discretion. Click the collapsible element at the end of each rule to expand further details.

  1. Keep chat appropriate and PG-13. Do not bypass the chat filters, advertise (IPs or server mentions), or spam in chat. Mutes may be given without warnings! Listen to the Chatmods! These rules also apply to signs, books, banners, block builds, Minecraft usernames, or any other form of communication in game. Skins and builds on the server must also be kept appropriate.
    • Staff are under no circumstances required to give a warning before muting (as stated in the rule clearly). Most staff will give some number of warnings before muting, but this is not required.
    • Caps are not against the rules, but spamming is. A few lines of caps is fine, but if that is all you are using, then you are subject to being muted. Most Chat Mods will warn on the first line of caps just to make sure it does not continue.
    • Yes, "lag" is filtered. No you cannot bypass it no matter how silly/stupid/etc you may think it is. Saying nothing but "lag" is not only annoying, it's spammy due to it's pointless nature in saying it. 90% of the time, the lag is client side and not an issue with the server itself.
    • Don't talk about other servers or ask players to go to another server with you. It's effectively advertising.
    • If you have an inappropriate Minecraft username or skin, you will be temp banned. If the inappropriate name/skin is not corrected and you return after the tempban, the ban will become permanent.
  2. Be courteous and respect others.
    • This rule is very loosely moderated as we allow for rivalries to form between players which can get heated at times. We will act if it gets to the point where a player is no longer feeling comfortable on the server due to harassment.
    • This also applies to staff. Staff are to be respected. If you have a problem with a staff member, you take it up to a higher staff member.
  3. Do not use any tools, mods, or exploits to give you an unfair advantage (fly, speed, xray, etc). If in doubt, ask staff.
    • Just because it is not listed does not mean it is okay to use.
    • An "unfair advantage" is anything that would give you any form of upper hand over a player using a completely un-modded client and nothing more.
    • Watching another player's livestream, YouTube videos, etc to get the location of the best items, uniques, puzzle solutions, etc is an unfair advantage and is bannable.
    • Do not exploit glitches or obvious problems with the game (Minecraft, L2D, plugin, map, etc related). Glitches and exploits should be reported to staff.
    • Bans for this are almost always permanent.
  4. Do not intentionally try to lag or break the server. You will be warned if it's believed to be unintentional.
  5. No illegal PvP (spleefing (breaking blocks under someone), potions, lava, dropping people with home invites, tnt, etc).
    • Reporting players must have some form of good proof of illegal PvP for staff to act in the event they can not witness it in person. Otherwise, the offending player will just be put on a watch list.
    • If a player runs into lit TNT that was not purposely placed near them and dies, that is not illegal PvP.
    • If a player breaks a wall and lets zombies in causing another player to be killed, that is not illegal PvP.
    • Punishment is up to the staff member. Typically punishments are (but not limited to):
      • A warning so long as all items are returned (if applicable)
      • Killing the offending player either destroying the inventory or not.
      • Temporary or permanent ban.
  6. Do not ask staff for items/animals or for the locations of items in the map. Do not ask for the locations of unique or OP items in chat.
    • Read this carefully. A lot of players only ever read the first sentence and think its okay to ask other players for locations in global is not.
  7. Do not build bases, walls, or other structures that will hinder other players' ability from leaving the spawn areas. Keep in mind that the closer you build to spawn, the more likely you will be griefed. Griefing is allowed here!
    • If they have to climb over a wall or look for a's in the way.
  8. Staff have the final say. Do not argue!
    • If a staff member tells you not to do something.....listen! Even if you think it is wrong. Listen to the staff member and take the issue up with a higher staff member. Even if they are wrong, you are still subject to punishment for disobeying them.

Allowed Mods

See main page: Allowed Mods

Reporting Players

DO NOT exclaim in chat "HACKER" or "I'm reporting you!". File a player report by typing /report <player> <msg> and staff will check it out when they can. Before filing a report, be sure to read the Allowed Activity section below.

When reporting, give links to any screenshots you have. Illegal PvP almost always needs some form of proof to issue punishment unless staff are able to witness it, otherwise a report is nothing more than "He said, she said". However, if you do report someone for illegal PvP, we will keep an eye on them in the future.

Allowed Activity

The following are actions which are allowed on Minecraft Left2Die that players are not always aware or cautious of. In general, if you can break it, it's yours. If you can pick it up, it's yours.

  • Griefing player builds in the zombie maps.
  • Griefing player plots that you have access to.
  • Scamming.
  • Stealing.
  • Breaking blocks that may indirectly lead to a player's death is not considered illegal PvP. For example, breaking the walls of a building and letting zombies swarm in which results in a player being killed is not illegal PvP.

Ban Appeals

We no longer accept ban appeals. Bans that do not have an expiration date set on them are permanent.