Minecraft Left2Die's PvP system is run on a day/night cycle. During the day you are safe from all PvP encounters. During the night, you are at risk of players killing you! Luckily when you first join, you start off with 100 minutes of PvP saftey time. If you ever happen to need more PvP safety time, you can head to /spawn and find "Fred, the Domesticated Zombie", right click him and navigate to the item named "Buy more PvP Safety Time" and spend as much as you want/have.

The only exceptions to the day/night cycle are the /themed maps. They currently do not have a day/night cycle and are not PvP enabled.

PvP becomes enabled for players that become zombified. Zombie players can kill and be killed by non-zombie players whether it is day or night.

Once you are involved in PvP, you become tagged, meaning you cannot logout, use Enderpearls or /warp (/spawn, /city, etc..). The combat tag lasts 20 seconds, if you logout before the tag expires, you will be instantly killed for PvP logging.

Farming players (killing a player over and over again) in PvP will have a negative impact on your rank score.


Command Description
/pvp enable Enable PvP for you at night (disables protection).
/pvp disable Disables PvP for you at night (enables protection).
/pvp status Shows your PvP status and how many safety minutes you have.
/pvp buytime [amount] Buys more PvP safety time at a rate of five coins per minute.