This is not a complete page and will be added to as things come to mind. The policies on this page are subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without warning or notice.


  • Staff require no more proof other than seeing it with their own eyes to implement a ban. Some bans may be implemented solely on evidence collected by our hacking detection system though we will normally try to get an actual visual.
  • Hacking related or serious/repeated offence bans are permanent with no appeal. Other bans will have a time set to them on when they will automatically be lifted and will not be lifted earlier than that time.
  • Players are solely responsible for the security of their account. "My account was hacked" or My brother/sister/friend did it" is not a valid appeal.


  • Assume everything you say in chat is being read by an Admin or other staff member. This includes, but is not limited to, regular chat, clan chat, ally chat, /tell, and /msg. Other forms of communication may also be monitored such as signs and books. There should be no expectation of complete privacy.
    • Due to the unencrypted and public nature of communication on a Minecraft server, the possibility of unknown vulnerabilities, the possibility of volunteer staff members gone rogue, among other things, there is no guarantee that chat messages sent on the server, private or otherwise, will not be leaked or revealed elsewhere. It is purely the responsibility of the player to not reveal any personal information via the in game chat (public or private messages) that they would not want to risk becoming public.
  • Private messages are typically not looked at unless needed to investigate another issue.
  • Inappropriate language use in /me may result in the loss of permissions for donators.
  • Abuse of /me via spamming or using it as if it were a channel may result in the loss of permissions for donators.
  • See the mute section below on muting policy.


  • Inappropriately named clans will be removed. Repeated offences will result in the player being banned from using clans.
  • Players caught KDR grinding will result in being banned from clans, having their money wiped, and possibly banned from the server entirely (this falls under the unfair advantage rule).
  • Admins can see all clan chat, however we do not typically moderate it unless it gets out of hand.
  • We will tolerate inappropriate rank names in clans so long as no one complains.


  • Donating is just that....donating. It is not a purchase and as such is non-refundable and perks are subject to change. Attempting a chargeback will result in a permanent ban from the server.
  • Donation perks and ranks are non-transferable. This include transferring to another account owned by the same player.
  • Donators do not get special treatment for donating.
    • Donators are not immune to the rules and may be muted and/or banned with or without warning.
    • Donators get extra plots, not the right to any plot (see below).
    • Donating does not give the right to have whatever request you want completed either at all or in a timely manner no matter how trivial you think it may be. Staff will deal with the acceptable requests when we get to them.
  • The opinions of donators are more heavily weighted than those of non-donators.
  • Donation perks may be added/removed/changed at any time with or without warning, though normally we will try to compensate for it in some way via another perk.
  • Donation perks may be revoked if abused (ie TNT, etc).
  • In the event of a transfer of ownership of the server, there is no guarantee that existing donators will keep their ranks.
  • We are subject to the Mojang EULA with regards to donation perks.


  • Items lost to glitches will not be replaced.
  • Items received via accidental glitches (hacking is not a glitch) will not be taken away (exception being op weapons). Intentionally using a glitch to your advantage and not reporting it may result in a ban or in any items achieved via the exploit being revoked.
  • Items lost to hackers will not be replaced.
  • Items lost to illegal PvP will not be returned unless the PvP-er is caught in the act and even then, this is not guaranteed.
  • Players are not entitled to any freebies under any circumstance outside of the kits.
  • Named items are subject to the chat rules. If you plan to use a weapon in PvP, do not use inappropriate names.
    • Staff will ask that the weapon be renamed first. Failure to comply may result in loss of all inventory and/or ban from the server.
  • On rare occasions, some server-side lag inducing items may be wiped out of Plotworld when there are noticeable issues occurring in that world. Items known for causing server side-lag include, but are not limited to: hoppers, item frames, armour stands, redstone components.


  • The names of items in the market are subject to the chat rules. Inappropriately named items will be removed. Repeated offences may result in the loss of market perms.
  • Items lost to glitches through the market will not be replaced.
  • The market is subject to being wiped. This is normally done with warning when possible and is only done when is is completely unavoidable due to plugin update or glitch.


  • Money lost to glitches will not be replaced.
  • Scamming is allowed, so money lost to scams will not be replaced.
  • Money is subject to being wiped. This is normally done with warning when possible and is only done when it is completely unavoidable due to plugin update or glitch.


  • Contrary to popular belief, L2D (and other online communities) are not subject to "freedom of speech". Players can be muted or banned for the things they say.
  • Chat Mods do not need to give warnings (as stated in the rules themselves).
  • Unmutes are automatic. Bothering staff for an unmute may result in an increased mute time at the staff member's discretion.

Player Names

  • Changing your name to resemble the name of a staff member is subject to a ban until the name is changed. Whether or not a ban is implemented is up to the staff being impersonated or to the Admins.
  • Players with inappropriate names are subject to mutes or bans until the name is changed. This is normally not acted upon unless it is particularly bad (ie F-bomb) or until another player complains.



  • The animals/mobs on plots may be reset at any time without compensation to reduce server lag.
    • Typically cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits will be protected, but there is no guarantee.
  • If a player has an excessive number of animals/mobs on their plot, all animals/mobs will be removed from the plot by staff.
  • Animals/mobs killed by other players will not be replaced.


  • Players may claim any unclaimed plot they like within the boundaries of plotworld.
  • Plots are first come, first served.
  • Players may not claim any plot that is currently owned and unexpired.
  • A plot may not be transferred to another player without that player's written consent.
    • This includes your alts. If you want a plot transferred to your alt, you must login via that account to verify the request.
  • Donators do not have the right to claim any currently claimed plot they want. They must still wait for the plot to be expired even if the plot is blank.
  • Staff will not change player permissions of a plot.
  • If a player sets their plot for sale either intentionally or by mistake, staff will not reclaim ownership if an unintended buyer buys the plot.
  • Staff will not restore ownership of a plot which the original owner disposed of should another player take ownership.


  • Donators may have their plots combined together provided they are side-by-side or adjacent to another donator's plot.
  • Donators are able to combine their plots into one plot or send a merge request to a neighbouring plot via /p merge.
  • Staff will not merge plots for you.
  • All plot commands will act on a merged plot as one. Staff will not replace anything lost as the result of a command that clears any or all of the merged plot being executed.
  • Staff will not replace anything lost as the result of a plot co-owner (result of merging with another player) performing a command that clears any or all of the merged plot.


  • After three months of no login or block activity, the plot will automatically be deleted.
  • There will be no compensation for a plot lost to expiration.


  • Grief of no sort will be repaired. This includes items taken from chests. It is the player's responsibility to only add trustworthy members to their plot.


  • Donators are entitled to one plot move no matter the donating status (ie donating for survivor and infected does not get two plot moves).
    • The free plot move applies to a single non-merged plot.
    • The free plot move is intended so you can move the one plot you had prior to donating to an area farther out where all plots can be combined.
  • Players accept all responsibility for the potential loss of items as a result of the move. Lost items will not be replaced.


  • Donators may protect and un-protect their plots at will via /p protect.
  • At staff discretion, plots of long time players (non-donators) and plots with exceptional builds may be protected for free. There is absolutely no guarantee to this and this protection may be revoked at anytime.
  • Staff will not move protected plots without consent from the owner.
    • The only exception is if space is needed around the spawn area or if PlotWorld is being contracted in size.
  • Underdeveloped plots that are protected may have that protection revoked and the plot deleted if the owner becomes inactive for several months.
    • "Underdeveloped" is considered any plot that is completely blank or that contains nothing of value.