L2d nether.png
Release July 5, 2014
Retirement May 22, 2019
Size 350x350
Gamemode Non-PvP

The Nether map was created in response to several players asking for access to the nether. It was created in about two days.

The map was originally intended to be a puzzle map. As such, there are several puzzles and odd clues hidden throughout the map. The map contains several hidden areas and looping tunnels making it a difficult map to navigate and find hidden loot.

Because it was originally intended as a puzzle map, the Nether map does not allow the use of enderpearls.


  • The Nether map is a real chunk of the nether. It was a slice of the Nether from zenith's first single player map he ever player with Minecraft. The copied chunk was taken from a previously un-generated section to allow for Nether quartz to be generated.
  • The first version of the map only had zenith working on it. Other staff started adding to it much later.
  • Because the Nether map is not really located in the Nether, players can still place water.
  • One area of the map contains an odd, rectangular box up against the edge of the map. Much to many a player's despair upon finding a way in, there is nothing in this box. It was merely a chunk generation error that was blocked off rather than attempting to fix it.