First Release: November 9, 2013

Second Release: October 3, 2015
Retirement First Retirement: April 26, 2014
Size 1500x1500

Daytime: Non-PvP

Nighttime: PvP

The Megamap is L2D's largest map currently. It was originally created as a way to have the City and Town maps in the same map with large areas in between.

The Megamap contains a series of puzzles for players to solve and several other hidden secrets for players to discover. It is also intended to eventually have quests in the map.

A 3D view of the map can been seen online here.

The Megamap took several months to complete, largely because, due to its vast size, none of the builders wanted to stick around to finish it. It was finally finished by zenith4183 in about a week by pasting several schematics throughout the map to fill in the holes. Each of these builds has a sign in them with the creators name.


  • The terrain work was done by zenith4183 via the program WorldPainter.
  • The Sauron tower in the center of the map was a request of zenith's. Toboein built the tower in about two days.
  • The map has several sub regions: Arctic, Jungle, Nether, Ocean, Desert, Waste Lands, Mushroom Forest, Mountainous
  • The map has several signs denoting "Inspected by #9". The number nine is zenith's favourite number. The signs are normally placed near hidden loot.
  • The Nemo unique has been moved several times, but has always been denoted by an "X". Nemo's original purpose was to act as an X-ray trap and is hidden very well. So well, that the "X" was put in place solely so zenith could find it again. It was only ever been found by non X-rayers once while in its original location.
  • The Megamap is the only map to feature no bedrock walls on the edge and simply drops directly into the void.
  • The Megamap contains dozens of secret caves located underground that many players are not even aware of.
  • The Islands map was once connected to the south west corner of the Megamap.
  • There is one continuation of the Starbucks joke of the Town map located in the Megamap.
  • The tower puzzle has only been conquered twice thus far. First by Ralen and second by Fataltryhardz.
  • The observatory puzzle, despite being very easy, has only been solved by a few players largely due to over thinking on the parts of those looking to solve it. It wasn't until the unique "Observatory Puzzle is Easy" was added that players even realized that the observatory hid anything at all.