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Minecraft Left2Die has several maps to play on. All zombie gameplay maps reset every two hours when the server restarts. You can view how long it is until the next restart with the command /wr.

Each map can be reached by typing /<map-name> (ie /city) or by right clicking the warp signs located at the spawn of each map. Warping via command costs $15 while using warp signs is free.

Main Maps


See full page: Megamap

The megamap is the name commonly used for the large map containing the city and town maps within a much larger map. See the map here.


See full page: City
The City (part of Megamap)

A player favourite. Explore the skyscrapers, but don't get knocked off by a zombie. Below ground is PvP in the underground town and the sewers.


See full page: Town
The Town (part of MegaMap)

Small town that loves their Starbucks. Can you find all 30+ of them?

Themed Maps

The themed maps rotate at random every restart and are accessible via /themed or warp signs.


See full page: Aquashock

Based on Bioshock, this map is completely submerged under water.


See full page: Islands

Previously L2D's PvP map, Islands is now part of the themed rotation. Islands is L2D's oldest map still in use.


See full page: SatZ

L2D's own space station. Beacons provide jump boost to add to the space effect.

Tiny Terrors

See full page: Tiny Terrors
Tiny Terrors

The map isn't tiny, but you are. Tiny is a house scaled up to make you feel like a mouse. The map is still in progress.


See full page: Titanic

Survive the zombie hoards on this historic ship. (We did not make the ship, however I lost the link where I downloaded it from to give proper credit).


See full page: Zender

Players are stuck with perpetual blindness in this Slenderman based map.

Retired Maps


Olympus was our hardcore map. See the main Olympus page for details.



See full page: Nether

Find your way trough the natural maze like features of the nether. This maps still contains well hidden unique items that have yet to be found. This map has been retired.


See full page: End

One of the most requested map suggestions, the End map is a literal piece of the End realm (dragon not included....yet). This map has been retired.


See full page: Time

Our largest themed map features a large clock, hence the name. Expect to do a lot of climbing amongst the mountains. This map has been retired.