Want a challenge beyond fighting to survive the zombie horde, unique hunting, or puzzle solving? Try and complete these challenges! There is no reward, this is only an idea for something additional to do on L2D.

Scavenger Challenges

Starbucks Challenge

Hidden within the Town portion of the map are 31 Starbucks locations. Try to locate all 31. There is also a 32nd Starbucks that is not technically part of Town, but close.


  • The Starbucks joke in the Town map originated from this Lewis Black sketch.
  • When the Town map was first released, the first person to locate all of the Starbucks was awarded a free rank.
  • There were originally 33 Starbucks locations, however one was on a mountain that was removed when the Town map was merged into the Megamap and the second was in an old Plotworld spawn.

Survival Challenges

General Rules

  • You may only take the items listed in the equipment list for each challenge and nothing more.
  • After you start the challenge, you may collect other materials. No you can not hide a secret stash to grab right after starting or have your friend deliver items to you, or anything else other than natural loot hunting.
  • You must work solo. No teaming and sharing resources.

Cave Spider Challenge

Survive the cave spider cave in the desert of the MegaMap for at least two minutes and kill at least two cave spiders. No hiding in, behind, or under the lava.


  • 1 diamond sword, unenchanted
  • 1 enchanted golden apple

Cross Map Challenge

Starting from the far end of the MegaMap at the Ice Temple, cross the entire map to the far opposite edge near the Chicken Temple in 10 minutes or less.


  • 1 set leather armour, unenchanted
  • 1 three minute speed potion
  • 32 building blocks

Retired Challenges

The Olympus map is no longer available, thus neither are these challenges.

Olympus Challenge

Last at least 15 minutes in Olympus and escape through the evac center.

  • 1 set leather armour, unenchanted
  • 1 iron sword, unenchanted
  • 5 bandages (5 paper, 5 red dye)
  • 8 building blocks

Olympus Challenge 2

Last at least 15 minutes in Olympus and escape through the evac center.

  • 1 pair leather boots, unenchanted
  • 1 stone hoe, unenchanted